Charred Evergreen Split Oak Logs with G52 Radiant Fyre Burner

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 The G52 Radiant Fyre gas log system has many distinguishing features adding to the beauty and warmth of a gas log fire.

  • Our unique fiber enhanced ceramic refractory mix results in logs that showcase realistic bark detail and glow like real burning logs to capture the look and feel of a wood fire with the operating convenience of a modern gas appliance.
  • An exclusively designed stainless steel booster grid acts as a catalyst to create complete combustion to increase the intensity of the fire and the brilliant glow of the logs.
  • The burner system uses fewer BTU’s while retaining a higher, robust fire with dancing flames
  • Two burner systems (18/20 and 24/30) with controls hidden under the burner in a compact footprint to fit most wood-burning fireplaces with a large gas log set.
  • Choose Charred Evergreen Split Oak Logs (ENS) in 18, 24 and 30 inch sizes
  • Available for use with Natural Gas or Propane

*includes an accessible battery pack concealed by its safe placement toward rear of fireplace and a protective bark-textured cover